Removal Hints & Tips
This page provides removal advice and assistance through handy hints and tips about moving house. Page (2)




Consider a Colour Code System

You may want to consider using coloured labels or otherwise marking your containers with a different colour for each room in the house. This will allow the removal men to place the containers in the appropriate room.


Take Care with your Soft Furnishings

Ensure that you don't place heavy items with sharp corners on top of sofas and other upholstery.
These can be damaged quite easily if you do this.

Pack Ahead

Start packing two or three weeks in advance. Keep only essential items aside until the last day or two.

Small Items

Boxes are preferred to bags for small items. Bags are easily torn and difficult to stack.

Suitcases and Luggage

Where possible use your suitcases and other luggage to pack some of your things.


Food should be removed from cupboards and packed before the move. Ensure that all caps and screw fittings on jars and bottles are secured.

Don't Pack Important Documents

Remember to keep important documents aside. This will obviously include any documents related to the house sale and your removal.

Paint and other Liquids

Ensure that any paint or other liquids is contained in leakproof containers. Pack in plastic bags before placing in boxes to minimise the effect of any spillages..